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1/23/2014 | 2 MINUTE READ

Less Noise, More Melody

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Check out the series of e-newsletters authored by the venerable editorial team at Plastics Technology.

In email parlance, “noise” kind of means “activity.” When you have a lot of “noise” in your inbox, you have a lot of emails from lots of different people, internally and externally. I think we have a particular noisy marketplace. As processors, you probably get your share of messages from suppliers vying for your attention or customers asking for the status of an order. You might even find an email from me or one of my editorial colleagues asking if they can come pay a visit to write an article about your operations. Heck, nowadays you might even be getting emails from your own equipment informing you of a production snafu.

To be sure, we in the communications business contribute to the noise. Each day, your inbox could be flooded with as many as 10 different e-newsletters from various plastics media outlets. How do you know which to open, which to read, which to interact with?

The e-newsletters you receive from Plastics Technology are assembled by an editorial team with more than 100 years of experience in the field. That seasoning is reflected in everything we do, including some new products we have in the pipeline. Our objective—in print, online, via email, or even in person, when we organize conferences—is to provide you with the type of content that’s selected, evaluated, and contextualized like no other plastics media brand can. You’ve come to expect this kind of content from us, and we plan on delivering to the high standards you’ve set for us and we’ve set for ourselves.

When you’re evaluating what’s in your inbox, consider this: Ten years ago, when you weren’t getting this much email noise, you probably had a pile of plastics magazines on your desk. It was probably some combination of magazines devoted to molding, machinery (or just to auxiliary equipment), design, compounding, and the worldwide plastics market. How many of those publications even exist today? By contrast, this is Plastics Technology’s 60th year of providing rich, in-depth coverage of new technology, best practices, and how-to tips that you can use every day to solve problems and do your job better.

So we’re still standing while others around us have been less fortunate. And we haven’t rested on our print reputation; instead, we’ve applied those same rigorous standards to our electronic offerings. You’ll find us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, informing our audience of new developments and engaging with them on topics such as rapid manufacturing or shale gas.

You’ll find one-of-a-kind content on our website, either in the form of Knowledge Centers on subjects such as drying, blending, and feeding—with new Knowledge Centers on purging and sheet extrusion coming soon—or in Know How columns on injection molding, extrusion, and materials authored monthly by renowned experts in their fields, or in free access to recorded webinars on a gamut of subjects related to processing.

And you’ll find this kind of content in your inbox too, with the monthly Plastics Technology Insider, which gives you a quick heads up on the must-read content in the current monthly issue; the new Plastics Technology Product Insider, a snapshot look at new developments in machinery, equipment, resins, additives and applications that quickly keep you on top of things; and—also brand new—Plastics Technology Weekly, a compilation of the musings, insights, and in-depth analyses of the hot topics of now from that same editorial team I bragged about a few paragraphs above.

So please pardon me if this comes off as a little self-indulgent. It’s just that, to my way of thinking, one man’s noise is another man’s melody.