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4/26/2012 | 2 MINUTE READ

NPE2012: A Humdinger

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Miss anything? Follow this publication and website to catch up.

If you didn’t make it to the NPE2012 show last month in Orlando, Fla., you missed a great event. The halls of the huge exhibit area were humming with the sound of operating machinery. Orlando proved to be just fine as a show location. There was some initial trepidation on the part of the Society of Plastics Industry, which organizes and runs the show, given the decades-long history of holding the triennial event at Chicago’s McCormick Place.

But the volume of attendees was extremely good—about 55,000—and based on what I heard from exhibitors and saw myself at our booth, the quality was outstanding as well. We held a series of presentations at our booth throughout the week, delivered by many of the same people who contribute the “Know How” columns that run regularly in our magazine and on our website. This was an attempt to bring to life what’s on the pages of Plastics Technology, and I am proud and humbled to say that it was extremely well received. The top photo here shows Mike Sepe, who authors our monthly Materials Know How column, addressing a standing-room-only crowd of processors on how mold and melt temperature influence part properties. Below, John Bozzelli, who writes the Injection Molding Know How column for us each month, shows why he’s achieved near rock-star status among molders, addressing the topic of how to set pack and hold pressure.

But if you missed the show, all is not lost. With this issue, we begin our coverage of new technology launched on the show floor. There’s a report on a new player in downstream extrusion equipment, stories about ongoing developments in all-electric and stretch-blow molding, and a feature on new materials that debuted in Orlando. (Lots going on in biobased polymers, to say the least.) There are other stories in this issue that are related to NPE, distinguishable by the NPE logo that appears next to the headline.

Next month we will have thorough reports on news in injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, thermoforming, tooling, auxiliary equipment, and additives.

And while you’re surfing the web, check out this new website. At NPE we all made some news of our own, relaunching our website with a new design to make it easier to navigate to all of the information contained on the site. On the home page, you’ll see links to all of the “Know How” editorial I mentioned above. You’ll find easier access to content specific to your process, one-click access to our archives, and links to our weekly Processing Tip, authored by consultant Tim Womer, who was recently elected to the Plastics Hall of Fame.

So if you missed NPE2012, you missed a lot. But just stay connected with Plastics Technology, and we’ll get you up to date.