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7/21/2015 | 2 MINUTE READ

The Extrusion 2015 Conference: Open for Business

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Registration is now open for a new conference that hits on all extrusion technologies. Go online and sign up: Nov. 2-3, Charlotte, N.C.

We first announced our inaugural Extrusion Conference on this very page last December. I’m delighted to report that the program has been assembled and registration for this event is now live. Just type click here to begin the process. 

In addition to registering, you’ll be able to link to the program details and to make reservations at the Omni Charlotte Hotel in Charlotte, N.C.

The Extrusion 2015 Conference will be held Nov. 2-3 (actually it will begin with a welcome reception on the evening of Nov. 1). The program has evolved essentially as we had hoped: Combining the general aspects of extrusion with ones specific to film/sheet, pipe/profile/tubing, and compounding.

Here’s the plan: The morning sessions on each day will be devoted to technical and business issues of interest to any type of extrusion processor (regardless of what’s coming out of your die). For example, there will be presentations on topics such as foaming, screw design, high-speed processing, troubleshooting, blending, drying, conveying, process simulation, resin characterization, purging, etc. There will be 22 such presentations.

On each afternoon, there will be concurrent breakout sessions devoted to three specific types of extrusion processes in which your business likely falls. In these sessions, technical presentations will dig deeper into topics such as barrier film, thin-gauge sheet, multi-lumen tubing, and high-speed compounding. Combining the general extrusion sessions with the process-specific breakout sessions, there are more than 60 companies that will present at The Extrusion 2015 Conference, an unprecedented opportunity to network with the technology thought leaders in the extrusion industry.

We’ve worked to ensure that the information delivered during the conference will be practical and non-commercial. Our goal is that when you leave The Extrusion 2015 Conference you will be armed with tips, techniques, advice, and best practices that you can put to work immediately to improve operations at your plant. 

Since we started to promote this conference across our various media channels, I’ve gotten input and questions from several dozen extrusion processors. Many merely called or wrote me to express interest in the event and to request more details. Others offered much-appreciated feedback: “Help me to better utilize my existing assets.” I invite you to check out the program to see if we’ve met that challenge.

We recognize that you’re probably more pressed for time these days than ever. We also know you have a lot of outside events competing for that time. We’ve organize The Extrusion 2015 Conference in such a way that it’ll be the only such forum you’ll need to attend this year—and beyond—if your business involves pumping hot polymer through a die to form a part, regardless whether that “part” is a film, sheet, pipe, or pellet. 

I’m excited about this event and, from every indication so far, many of you are as well. I hope to see you in Charlotte.