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4/27/2018 | 2 MINUTE READ

World of Extrusion Coming Together in September

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The Extrusion 2018 Conference—the fourth annual Plastics Technology event devoted to all things extrusion—is coming to Cleveland.

Are you involved in extrusion, as either a business owner, plant manager, production or engineering manager, or perhaps even a newcomer to the industry? Then mark off Tuesday through Thursday, Sept. 18-20, on your calendar. The Extrusion 2018 Conference is coming to Ohio on those dates, specifically the Huntington Convention Center in downtown Cleveland, right across the street from the event’s host hotel, the Marriott.

It’s the fourth annual extrusion conference from Plastics Technology magazine. The first three were in Charlotte, N.C.; attendance climbed every year and reached nearly 500 in 2017.

The conference is distinctive in that it intends to bring together the entire extrusion community—the “world of extrusion,” if you will—under one roof. No matter what is coming out of your die—film, sheet, tubing, pellets, etc.—there will be plenty there for you to learn. And the networking opportunities—with more than 70 speakers and at least that many exhibitors—are unprecedented.

The program will kick off the afternoon of Sept. 18 with a session of presentations on General Extrusion topics that apply to all types of extrusion processes. These will include talks on resins, additives, blending, drying, conveying, foaming, reclaim, controls, filtration, training, simulation, screw design and so on.


The Extrusion 2018 Conference focuses on new developments, best practices, troubleshooting, and processing tips and techniques—modeled after what we present every month in print and online.


The mornings of Sept. 19-20 are similarly organized. During the afternoons of those days, however, we’ll be offering concurrent breakout sessions that do a deeper dive into your particular extrusion process. We have four of these concurrent sessions planned: Cast/Blown Film, Sheet, Pipe/Profile/Tubing, and Compounding.

Like the prior three extrusion conferences, the focus of Extrusion 2018 will be on new developments, best practices, troubleshooting, and processing tips and techniques—modeled after those we present every month in print and online—because we know you don’t want to travel to Cleveland to hear sales pitches from suppliers.

While the program will be packed with technical presentations from the cream of the crop in the extrusion industry, there will be plenty of networking and mingling opportunities during breaks, receptions, and luncheons. And we’ll have a tabletop exhibit area packed with more than 70 suppliers of the goods and services you rely on every day to run your business.

Your time and money are precious. But if you are involved in extrusion of any type, The Extrusion 2018 Conference is the place to be. Best to block off these dates on your calendar now and be on the lookout for more details from us—in print, on our website (extrusionconference.com), and via email.

Interested in speaking? Email me at jcallari@ptonline.com.


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