Vacuum Applications and Technologies for The Plastics Industry

May 15

There are many vacuum applications in plastics processing. This presentation covers some of these applications from compounding, extruder degassing, vacuum calibration tables, foaming and molding of expanded polystyrene to name a few. Also, addressed are the factors to be considered in selecting appropriate vacuum pump technologies and accessories, with a brief explanation of the principal of operation of various types of vacuum pumps and a summary of the pro’s & con’s of each technology type. 

Primary Topics: 
- Where vacuum is used in the plastics processing 
- How liquid ring vacuum pumps operate 
- How dry vacuum pumps operate 
- Advantages & disadvantages of vacuum technology types 

Presenter: Liam Crimmins 
Liam Crimmins has 40 years of experience in the vacuum industry, with a broad range of application and product knowledge, especially focused on liquid ring pumps and compressors. His educational background is in mechanical & process engineering.

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