Increase Productivity and Decrease Downtime in Extrusion with a Digital Gear Box

November 04, 2020

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Securing process stability in extrusion requires condition-based monitoring of all drive trains. Sensors on gear units measure deviations from the nominal condition.  These can be analyzed and evaluated for the purpose of maximizing plant availability. The “digital gear unit” opens new possibilities for predictive maintenance; required measures can be taken in a timely manner and corrective services can be better planned. In connection with optimized spare parts management, life cycle costs are significantly reduced and longer gear unit down-times are virtually eliminated.

Primary Topics:

  • Classification of different condition monitoring systems
  • Condition-based maintenance reduces costs and increases efficiency
  • Smart condition monitoring solutions for the measurement of vibration, temperature, and torque in extension
  • Advantages of single-source gear unit services directly from the manufacturer


Norbert Dahlhaus

Head of Condition Monitoring, Flender

After studying physics and graduating with a degree in physics engineering, Norbert Dahlhaus initially worked as a project manager in various research and development projects of the German coal mining industry. In one project, he developed the measurement technology for the mobile vibration monitoring of transmissions and motors and introduced them into rough underground operation. In 1998, he moved to the transmission manufacturer FLENDER AG, Bocholt, where he built up the online and offline vibration measurement technology. Later, he took over the department management and with the integration of Flender AG into Siemens AG he was able to develop a team of 12 condition monitoring experts for mechanical drive technology. This team evaluates the data of more than 150 online systems distributed worldwide on large-scale transmissions and supports FLENDERs worldwide condition monitoring measurement technicians in the evaluation of the vibration measurements of drives.