Innovations in Injection Molding Technology 2020

March 26, 2020

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The presentation will provide an introduction to two novel process technologies pioneered by ENGEL as well as a review of “what’s new for 2020” for two established processing technologies for injection molding. The novel processes covered in the webinar will be amorphous metal molding and skinmelt. For the established processes we will take a look at what’s new in film-backed molding and foaming.

Primary Topics:

  • Foammelt
    • All new and improved ENGEL foaming equipment.
    • How you benefit from it.
  • Foilmelt​​​​​​​
    • Advances in film technology like functional integration and their impact on the injection molding process.
  • Amorphous metal molding
    • What are AMMs, how are they processed, what equipment does it take and types of metals to choose from.
  • Skinmelt​​​​​​​
    • A new co-injection technology with reduced processing complexity and requiring simpler hardware than conventional tech.


Joachim Kragl
Director of Advanced Molding Systems and Processing, ENGEL North America
Joachim Kragl graduated from the TGM College for Polymer Engineering and Processing in Austria in 1992. He immediately began working as an Applications Engineer for ENGEL. Kragl joined ENGEL Canada in 2000 and assumed his current role as Director of Advanced Molding Systems and Processing for ENGEL North America, in 2009.

Lukas Neunzig
Plastics Application Engineer, ENGEL North America
Lukas Neunzig finished his apprenticeship to become a Mold Maker at Fischerwerke in 2012 and graduated in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Stuttgart, Germany, in 2016. Meanwhile, he worked in the Application Engineering department at Ferromatik Milacron. Neunzig started as Plastics Application Engineer at ENGEL Germany in 2016, before transferring to ENGEL US in 2019.