Affordable Solutions for Custom Injection Molders

November 05, 2020

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tie-bar-less injection molding machine

A flexible molding process is a must for ongoing control of your production costs. It sounds simple, but where do you start? Tie-bar-less injection molding machines are able, like no other machine design, to combine cost-effectiveness and efficiency with minimal resource consumption. This machine provides full access to the mold area, which not only ensures quick mold changes but also allows operators to easily work inside the clamp area. Learn in this webinar how the tie-bar-less machine, in combination with simple automation, will elevate your productivity.

Primary Topics:

  • Advantages of tie-bar-less injection molding machines
  • Flexibility with fully integrated pick-and-place robots
  • Increasing process stability and quality with self-regulating systems


Vanessa Malena

Regional Vice President of Sales, ENGEL Machinery

Vanessa Malena is currently the Regional Vice President at ENGEL for the Northeast & Midwest Regions of North America along with the Business Unit Manager for Technical Molding. Vanessa has been in the plastics industry for 26 years. She started as an automation engineer after receiving a degree in Mechanical Engineering and has worked in both inside and outside sales capacities.