Best Practices in Recycled Plastic Production: What Every Processor Needs to Know

October 14, 2020

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What are the best practices for plastics operations that process recycled materials? The use of recycled material with unknown contamination implies a dryer lifespan reduction of up to 50%, additional maintenance cost, and process instability. Processors must ensure constant quality and traceability of the system; and at the same time, must strive to reduce contaminants and optimize energy.
This webinar addresses all aspects of auxiliary system applications for handling recycled materials, examines best practices of system design, as well as provides a complete overview of the technologies for handling materials to get the best results with minimum scrap rate.

Primary Topics:

  • The role of plastic
  • Working with recycled materials: main variables and constraints
  • Piovan Group recycling technologies
  • A recycling case history


Bill Goldfarb
President, Universal Dynamics Inc.
Bill’s 35-year career at Universal Dynamics has brought him great exposure to all aspects of Plastics Auxiliary Systems while in the positions of Sales Engineer, Material Handling Systems Manager, Vice President of the Integrated Systems Group and becoming company President in 2007. Bill holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Radford University.

Douglas Arndt
PET Sales Manager, Universal Dynamics Inc.
Doug has spent his 36-year career solely in the plastics industry, first as a processor then later with auxiliary equipment suppliers. He has had exposure to product design, technical sales, and business management with extensive experience in PET and complex system design. Doug holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemical Engineering from Michigan State University.