Predicting and preventing warpage for part quality

October 06

For molded components, shrinkage is defined as a change in size. Warpage is a change in shape. This combination may create great challenges in achieving part quality requirements and critical dimensions. Warpage happens when shrinkage is not uniform. If regions of the part shrink differently, stresses are created within the part. Part stiffness may cause the part to deform, change shape or induce high levels of stress. High residual stress can cause cracking, long after the part is molded. If not prevented, warpage can impact part functionality, mechanical strength and cosmetics. 

Applying shrinkage values with mold construction is done to compensate for shrinkage. Predicting the correct shrinkage values can be challenging at times. However, if shrinkage is not predicted correctly, it can often be corrected. Warpage and shape factors are much more difficult to predict, troubleshoot and correct. The good news is predicting warpage and root cause can be done up front (Ideally before mold construction). Understanding root cause allows for a clear decision on how to prevent warpage. 

In this webinar, we will take a look at the challenges facing engineers (how they can be prevented, and how simulation can help). We’ll show you how to recognize possible problems and techniques to predict warpage when using Moldflow techniques as well as good design practices. 

Primary Topics: 
• Primary causes of warpage 
• The impact of part design, Mold Design, Material, Process Type, • Process Settings on warpage 
• Techniques to improve warpage 
• Common pitfalls when evaluating parts for warpage concerns 

Presenter: Brian Pelley 
Brian is a Plastics Engineer who went to U-MASS Lowell. He has over 20yrs of analysis experience (Moldflow, CFD, FEA) with large OEM’s and Custom manufacturers. His experience includes, analyst, technical support, training, consulting, and sales. He is now a Technical Specialist with Autodesk focused on Simulation / Moldflow.

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