Using Industry 4.0 to reduce maintenance costs and increase up time

October 08

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Industry 4.0 is still a relatively young topic, but great strides are being made to incorporate new technology into existing and new equipment that allows for eliminating unexpected equipment failures and downtime, as well as increasing productivity.  The best systems are making equipment and processes smarter, without adding unnecessary complicated components and software.

Primary Topics:

  • What is Industry 4.0 and why/where did it start?
  • How can I use it starting today?
  • What will Industry 4.0 look like in 2 years?

Alan Landers
Product Manager, Conair
Alan Landers has 29 years of machine design experience focused on Industry 4.0, extrusion control, blending, material-conveying and scrap recovery systems for wire and cable, blown and cast film, profile, pipe and carpet fiber manufacturers. His electronic engineering degree and prior experience, provided him with the unique skills required for analyzing difficult process problems, and in-turn, designing unique machine solutions. He is named on three US patents for machine designs for difficult to feed powder and liquid plastics. He joined Conair in 2009.