Are You Automating Enough?

April 22, 2020

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Today’s linear robots have the capability of performing a wide range of automation including packaging, insert loading, assembly, labeling, and much more. When done properly, this automation offers molders a ROI for product consistency, labor savings, quality, and safety, to just name a few. But how do you evaluate your process to see if automation can help you? In this presentation, we will give you some helpful tips on how to do this, as well as look at the various reasons why you should automate. We will also review different types of automation, common problems injection molders face and how automation can solve them, among other benefits.

Primary Topics:

  • Review many types of press side automation from simple to complex
  • See automation solutions to common problems injection molders face
  • ROI tools & examples to see if it's time to automate or if it's time to replace your old automation

Dan Spohr
Northeast Regional Manager - Robots & Automation, Wittmann Battenfeld
Daniel Spohr is the Northeast Regional Sales Manager for the Robot & Automation division at Wittmann Battenfeld. Starting his plastics career in extrusion blow molding, he later joined the Robot division at Wittmann Battenfeld in 2012. Based out of Wittmann’s North American Headquarter in Connecticut, Daniel brings over seven years of automation experience and Cartesian Robot application expertise.