A Guide to Extruder Upgrades: Building a Business Case for Extruder Upgrades

March 13, 2019 |

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Have you ever been asked to upgrade an extruder? Are your older systems currently ranked based upon risk? Do you currently have a way to qualify vendors and rate system solutions? Would you like to know the path to obtain more consistent quotations? Would you like a process that allows you to make recommendations to management that ensure the greatest potential for success? If this is part of your job requirements, you will want to attend this session! 

Primary Topics: 
- Identify Your Level of System Risk 
- Learn the Key to System Justification 
- Qualify Vendor Expertise and Product Capabilities 
- Make Logical Recommendations to Management 

Presenter: Dan Barlow 
Dan Barlow is the President of Integrated Control Technologies, a privately held US Based company that specializes in Extruder Drive and Control Upgrades. 
Dan has over 30 years of electrical control experience and served as the Vice-President of Operations of one of the largest Allen-Bradley distributors in the South. 
With his combined technical and procedural expertise, Dan has the ability to provide a logical path for navigating the requirements to a successful extruder upgrade.