Solutions for Extruding Low-Durometer Polyurethane Tubes

July 30, 2020 |

Learn what water temperature is best, how long the product should be submerged, and more in this webinar from Novatec.

Lab testing reveals:

  • What water temperature is best? Novatec will present peel test and dimensional data from varied water temperatures.
  • How long should the product be submerged? Novatec will reveal tack results based on the length of time a product is underwater.
  • Are multiple temperature zones within the tank better for reducing tack? Novatec will reveal optimum combinations of cold/hot/warm to further minimize tube surface tack and dimensional shift.
  • Do low-durometer polyurethanes have their surface modified by keeping the tube in the water longer or by using a controlled heat transfer process?


Bob Bessemer
Vice President of Extrusion Technology, Novatec
Bob joined Novatec in August of 2018 with a wealth of industry experience, having spent more than 35 years in increasingly more responsible engineering and commercial roles, first at Killion Extruders (now part of Davis Standard), and then 25 years at Conair. Bob has been a long-time inventor and patent holder for the plastics extrusion industry.

Larry Alpert
President, Med1Extrusion
Larry is a plastics industry professional with nearly 40 years of experience in polymer extrusion; for 35 of those years, his focus has been medical extrusion. Throughout his career, Larry has worked for several major medical device manufacturers in various management positions. Larry is currently the owner and President of Med1Extrusion.