Reducing Mold Cycle Time with Moldflow

June 27

Reducing cycle time can have a significant impact on the profitability of a project and lower the piece part cost, however, there is a trade off between cycle time reduction and increased mold costs. Autodesk Moldflow® allows you to study different methods of mold cooling, mold design, and part quality to achieve an optimal mold design and injection molding process. 

Primary Topics: 
• Using simulation to efficiently optimize part design and mold cooling 
• Analyze multiple effective heat extraction strategies before cutting steel 
• Evaluate alternative technologies, such as conformal cooling, before investment 

Presenter: Joe Huegel 
Joe Huegel has a Plastics Engineering Degree from Penn State University and has spent most of his professional career focusing on injection molding simulation using Moldflow. He is now a subject matter expert on the Simulation team at Autodesk. He lives in Erie, Pennsylvania.

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