3-Day Systematic Extrusion Workshop

February 13 - 15, 2019


Overview of Seminar 

This seminar has been developed to help participants better understand what happens inside their extrusion equipment. They are introduced to a more scientific approach to extrusion, which helps them learn the root cause of many extrusion problems and then learn how to solve or avoid them. The extrusion engineering concepts are presented in a very practical manner and re-enforced through many “case study” style examples.  Upon completing this seminar, the attendees will have a good understanding of how polymers behave inside extrusion equipment and how to apply engineering methods towards the analysis, design or troubleshooting of any extrusion process.

This course is intended for anyone who is currently (or training to become) responsible for the design or performance of an extrusion process. Extrusion process engineers, technical service personnel, screw and die designers, research and development personnel and particularly, those responsible for troubleshooting extrusion processes will obtain the most benefit from the information presented.

What You Will Learn 

This seminar will show attendees how to properly evaluate and analyze extrusion equipment using sound engineering principles. Process Engineers will learn how to properly analyze and troubleshoot their equipment in order to optimize performance. Designers will learn about the most important design criteria that should be used for extrusion equipment. Attendees will also get a good appreciation about the types of CAE tools available for extrusion and how to use them properly.

The seminar will introduce practical rheology (polymer flow behavior) in a clear and straightforward manner as it applies to the process operations that will be presented. The focus is on the rheological characteristics of the polymers that are most important to the understanding of the extrusion process and to the design of the equipment. After this seminar, the attendees will be better qualified to select materials and to differentiate between equipment design, which can be a big benefit during future product development or equipment specification and selection.


Las Vegas, NV United States of America