A Current and Future Assessment of the Electronics Manufacturing Market in the Shadow of COVID-19

June 17, 2020 |

Learn the status of electronics manufacturing at the present moment, and Wall Street’s expectations for the next 12-24 months. Register today!

Plastics Technology and Gardner Intelligence will share their insights about the electronics manufacturing industry as told by the data and by Jim Callari's (Editorial Director of Plastics Technology Magazine) deep connections within the industry.

Primary Topics:

  • Discussing the status of electronics manufacturing at the present moment
  • What are Wall Street's expectations for the electronics industry over the next 12-24 months?


Michael Guckes
Chief Economist & Director of Analytics; Gardner Business Media, Inc.
Michael has 20 years of experience in forecasting and modeling using advanced statistical techniques. He has successfully applied his expertise at multi-billion dollar companies in the construction, banking and insurance fields. Michael received his BA in Economics and Political Science from Kenyon College and his MBA from The Ohio State University.

Jim Callari
Editorial Director, Plastics Technology
Jim has been in plastics journalism since 1988, when he joined the staff of Plastics World Magazine as senior editor. Jim joined Plastics Technology in 1997 as executive editor, and became editorial director in 2009.