Achieve Enhanced Cut Quality and Precision with Rotary Cutters

October 03

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In plastics extrusion, whether it be medical or industrial applications, the cut quality is required to be clean, square, and particulate-free. This webinar focuses on the blade and bushing designs that enhance cut quality.

Discussion topics:

• Straight blades
• Curved blades
• Blade thickness
• Blade bevels and finish
• Modifications to blade designs for cutting at higher line speeds
• Optimum material temperatures for optimized cut quality

• Bushing clearance
• Bushing materials
• Bushing machining
• Bolt-together bushings

You'll learn:
Attend this webinar to gain a thorough understanding of the cutting action during the extrusion process. Learn the impact blade and bushing design, as well as the material temperature at the cut site, can have on the quality and precision of your cut. Armed with this knowledge, you will have the background necessary to determine the best blade and bushing to be used in your production, as well as the processing parameters to monitor and control for achieving the optimum cut quality of your extrudate.

Bob Bessemer
Vice President of Extrusion Technology, Novatec
Bob joined Novatec in August of 2018 with a wealth of industry experience, having spent more than 35 years in increasingly more responsible engineering and commercial roles, first at Killion Extruders (now part of Davis Standard), and then 25 years at Conair. Most recently Bob's primary focus was medical extrusion. Bob has been a long-time inventor and patent holder for the plastics extrusion industry.