Color Trends 2018-2019

September 28

Join us to discover the trending colors of the future inspired by the music of the past and present. Get ready for an intensive course in color trends at Americhem U, where the latest technology, pop culture and fashion forecasts will be explored, including how these trends can influence buying behavior. 

The trends are developed in concert with a well-known fashion design company in Milan combined with Americhem’s color virtuosity in diverse global markets such as synthetic fibers, automotive, household, and durables. 

Primary Topics: 
- The trends that will influence buyer behavior in the future 
- The color palettes examining colors that can be used alone or in combination 
- Global influences for the trends including fashion, culture and music 

Presenter: Sydney Gardner 
Sydney Gardner currently serves as Americhem’s Marketing Coordinator where she manages internal and external content creation. She also leads Americhem’s color trends team in the development and implementation of the annual color trends forecast. She specializes in strategic communications, graphic design and social strategy. Sydney graduated from Ohio University with a Bachelor of Science in Journalism from the prestigious E.W. Scripps School of Journalism. She has worked as a social media specialist for several organizations including a California advertising and search engine marketing agency.

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