Tackling the Complexities of Sustainability in Manufacturing

October 19, 2020

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How sustainable are your manufacturing practices around plastic waste? While recycling and sustainability can help manufacturers build long-term success, barriers like the lack of time or resources can impede many sustainability efforts. Learn what it takes to reach recyclability and the challenges that teams must overcome when processing and using recycled plastic materials. Then discover how partnering with Canon Virginia, Inc. can help you with your manufacturing practices or sustainability efforts.

Primary Topics:

  • Current manufacturing practices of recycling plastic waste
  • Benefits and challenges when pursuing sustainability
  • Ways to overcome challenges with a recycling and sustainability expert


Mark Beagle
Business Development Division; Canon Virginia, Inc.
Mark Beagle is the Senior Manager of the Sales department at Canon Virginia, Inc. and has the responsibility of leading his Sales team to increase Canon Virginia’s injection mold manufacturing and contract manufacturing business opportunities. Mark has resided in the Business Development division for the past 14 years holding leadership roles in Account Management, Marketing, and Sales. Mark has extensive industry experience in plastics and injection mold manufacturing.

Adrian Kullberg
Manufacturing; Canon Environmental Technologies, Inc.
Adrian Kullberg is the Senior Manager of Manufacturing at Canon Environmental Technologies, Inc. (CETI). Responsible for toner cartridge recycling, he oversees operations of manufacturing departments including Receive and Sort, Material Crushing, Plastic Purification, and Parts Recovery/Reuse.