How Smart Technology Can Help with Your Material Viscosity Variations and Improve Your Productivity

September 17, 2020

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Viscosity has the greatest influence on part quality, yet many overlook this factor. Most of the injection molding technology today is focused on reaction times and closed loop systems. This webinar will review the common challenges molder's face today with material flow, closing of the check ring and what technologies will actually help with these issues, increasing your part quality and productivity.

Primary Topics:

  • Review of common material viscosity issues molders face today
  • Overview of current process monitoring controls and closed loop control
  • Learn about Smart Technology available today and the benefits to part quality, downtime, consistency


David Sharp
IMM Operations Manager, Wittmann Battenfeld
David graduated in 2012 from Rochester Institute of technology with a bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering. He started his career at WITTMANN as an inside technical sales/engineering intern in the Material Handling division, moving on to the injection molding machine division after graduation, where he advanced quickly from inside technical sales engineer, to production and Inside technical sales manager to his most recent leadership role.

Richard Heckbert
Plastics Engineer, Wittmann Battenfeld
Richard graduated in 2016 from UMass Lowell with a Master's of Science in Plastics Engineering. He began his career in 2017, Richard began in the WITTMANN Academy, where he spent a year extensively training between all 3 divisions and concluding with a 3 month training program in Austria.  Richard is responsible for technical support, process engineering, and technical training.