Improved Processing: Tips from the Molding Experts

September 10, 2020

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injection molding

The key to trouble-free injection molding with less downtime and improved quality begins before production ever starts. Choosing the appropriate equipment components then setting up the ideal machine and process conditions can make or break your bottom line. In the end, it's imperative for the quality of the molded part. The webinar will dive deep into the most common problems of injection molding with thermoplastic melts and give an outline of how to avoid and solve them.

Primary Topics:
• Choosing the right plasticizing equipment and how to set the highest performing process parameters
• Understanding plasticizing performance which will ensure the best melt quality
• Detecting worn injection unit equipment
• Identifying an unstable process and resolving it through process adjustments or the proper equipment


Joshua Grasman
Plastics Processing Engineer, ENGEL North America

Lukas Neunzig
Plastics Application Engineer, ENGEL North America

Steven Sheely
Plastics Processing Engineer, ENGEL North America

ENGEL's North American application team supports customers in all topics related to processing. This starts by evaluating an application and selecting the right machine to ensure that it's technical specifications meet the requirements and ends by supporting our customers during the start up of the machine with on site process engineers making sure that the machine runs at peak performance and is in production in the shortest time possible. In addition we also help out solving processing problems or provide application support whenever needed.