Direct vs. Indirect Cooling For the Injection Molding Process

August 22

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What are the benefits of better cooling? What does Industry 4.0 have to do with temperature control units? What are the latest features available today and what can they do for me? Part cooling takes up to 50-80% of cycle time so increasing cooling capacity on a mold can lead to increased production. Understanding the overall amount of heat in the molding process is important to be able to size a temperature control unit properly. Learn the pros and cons of using direct and indirect cooling, the latest features (including Industry 4.0) and how you can benefit! 

Primary Topics: 
- Overview of Cooling in the Injection Molding Process 
- How Much Cooling and What Size Temperature Control Unit 
you need for your process 
- Latest features available and benefits 

Presenter: Joe Golin 
Joe Golin started his career with Wittmann Battenfeld in 2015 in the Material Handling & Auxiliary Division. In three years, Joe has grown from a Technician — gaining valuable knowledge building and servicing Wittmann’s auxiliary products — to Technical Inside Sales where he learned the ins and outs of the order process. His strong product knowledge brings him to his current position as Product Specialist, where he is responsible for all Technical and Commercial items such as inventory, pricing, and custom orders for all auxiliaries products, including Temperature Controllers. Joe is currently enrolled at North Western Community College studying Mechanical Engineering.