Comparing Nylon-Polyamides, Including Specialties

September 22, 2020

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A comparison of the families of polyamides highlighting property differences and where best to use the different grades. The focus will be on comparing PA66, PA6, PPA, HTN, PA46, Amorphous Nylons, etc. Specific advantages of each resin family will be highlighted and where to position based on application CTQ's.

Primary Topics:

  • Property differences between the different polyamides
  • Where best to position the different families based on application CTQ's
  • The questions to ask to determine an application's requirements/CTQ's
  • Pros and cons of the different grades

Dr. Cliff Watkins
Director of Application Development, PolySource

  • 39 year plastics industry veteran
  • Past owner of TP Composites – sold to Techmer PM in 2013
  • PhD in Chemistry
  • 14 years with PPG Fiber Glass