Micro Molding with Babyplast: An Easy, Affordable, and Established Solution to Making Small Parts

June 07

This webinar will cover: 

• Right Size the Machine to the Part with an Established Micro Molder 
• Attain Repeatable Shot-Size Accuracy 
• Minimize Residence Time and Material Waste 

Enjoy Critical Economic Advantages: 
· Low Initial Machine Cost 
· Low Mold Cost from Small Molds for Small Parts 
· Low Energy Cost due to Heating 75% Less Steel 
· Small Footprint on the Shop Floor 
· Reduced Material Waste from Small Chamber 
and Sprue 
· Faster and Versatile Setup and Mold Change 

Bill Hartwick 
Injection Machine Installation & Repair Specialist 

With over thirty years of experience in injection machinery repair, Bill has extensive knowledge of troubleshooting and repair techniques. Bill’s roots with companies like Engel (17 years), Magna (5 years), and Negri Bossi (2 years) have afforded him the opportunity to be tested by fire to find fast, cost effective solutions for clients. 

For years Bill has worked with Babyplast machines repairing and installing dozens of units throughout the U.S. He has extensive knowledge of how to efficiently integrate a Micro Molder into your existing process and is eager to share this cost-effective and powerful technology with molders as well as anyone involved in part design or process optimization.

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