The Definitive Guide to Additive Polymer Materials

December 11, 2019

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Today's additive materials can do so much more than prototyping. The number of materials available for additive manufacturing has skyrocketed, with prices falling continually. Still, many manufacturers cite reservations about materials as the reason they’re not using additive for production. This webinar will bust common additive myths, provide a framework for replacing traditional polymers with additive polymers, and present a guide to the mechanical properties of common polymers used in additive manufacturing. You’ll learn how to select a suitable material for your next additive project, whether you want to re-make an existing part or create something entirely new.

Primary Topics:
• Guide to traditional polymers for additive polymers
• Understanding mechanical properties of today's additive materials
• How to select suitable materials for your project


Dr. Hallee Deutchman
Director of Materials & Manufacturing Technology, Fast Radius
Dr. Hallee Deutchman is the Director of Materials and Manufacturing Technology at Fast Radius. Hallee completed her PhD in Materials Science & Engineering at The Ohio State University studying advanced nickel-based superalloys. She has worked in additive manufacturing at Honeywell Aerospace developing new alloys, as well as at Blue Origin where she was the Principal Technologist for Advanced Manufacturing & Materials. Hallee serves as the Secretary of the SAE AMS Additive Manufacturing Metals Committee.

Dr. Charlie Wood
Computational Engineering Lead, Fast Radius
As the Computational Engineering Lead at Fast Radius, Dr. Charlie Wood uses advanced modeling techniques to create better products. He has extensive expertise in both the mechanics of polymeric and composite materials and in computational tools for design and testing. Prior to Fast Radius, Dr. Wood was an engineer for Motorola. He holds a PhD in mechanical engineering from Northwestern University.