Smart Monitoring: How Smart Data Can Save You Time and Drive Profitability Instantly

October 11

Time is precious in manufacturing, and smart data can be the tool to making decisions faster, understanding inefficiencies quicker, and driving profitability and production to new heights for growing companies. The common issue with industry 4.0 data collection systems is they overload many managers and owners with an abundance of data and information. Industry 4.0 must be utilized to speed up the decision-making process, managers should have the ability to understand exactly how well their facility is running at a glance. Learn how Smart Data with the right tools can make you better. 

Primary Topics: 
- Smart Data in Plastics Manufacturing. 
- Smart Data speeds up the decision making process. 
- Data can becomes less intimidating and easily adoptable. 
- Smart data can provide the big picture to increase profitability. 

Presenter: Max Preston 
Max Preston is the Director of Sales and Marketing for Smart Attend. Having presented the value of Industry 4.0 and the value of Smart Data to numerous audiences, Max has worked alongside the founders of Smart Attend to design the most effective, versatile, and valuable product that can be implemented onto any machine in any manufacturing house. Max joined Smart Attend in the very early prototype stage, and has since taken up a leadership role in promoting the product worldwide, and working with key facilities to fulfill the needs of the industry.

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