Is It Time to Replace Your Injection Molding Robots?

December 06

Do you have older robots that you think are doing the job just fine? Are you questioning whether adding a robot is really worthwhile? Injection molding robots today are much faster and smarter than the ones produced 5 to 10 years ago. Is your robot thinking for itself to help improve cycle time? Can your robot be faster? A difference of only a tenth of a second mold open time can result in big savings! We will take a closer look at the technology offered today and how it can benefit your production. 

Primary Topics: 
- Faster Robots - advances in servo, and software technologies 
- Smarter Robots - Software, hardware, and communications advancements 
- Integration - Fully integrated equipment (Industry 4.0) 

Presenter: Nicholas Millsaps 
Nick Millsaps is the Robot Regional Manager for Wittmann Battenfeld, and has an extensive background in new plant development, startup, and work cell layout and design. He was the Assistant Engineering Manager for 7 years at SL Tennessee, an Automotive Tier one Exterior Lighting supplier, and has been working with Wittmann Battenfeld robots for over 15 years.

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