"Smart Factories”: The Future of Plastics Production with 4.0 Connectivity & Condition Monitoring System (CMS)

May 31

"Smart Factories” are now a real possibility. Many innovations have been realized over the years, but perhaps none as interesting and valuable as Industry 4.0 and Condition Monitoring Systems (CMS). The ability to achieve complete connectivity along with the need to stay in touch have driven innovation to a point that now allows nearly all equipment to speak to each other. The capability to have full internal communication of equipment coupled to the Injection Molding Machine with nearly instant access to streaming data through the internet may have truly created the next generation of “Smart Factories”. Primary Topics: • Integration of all injection molding components using 4.0 connectivity. • Condition Monitoring Systems (CMS) and how they will affect the future of plastics production. Presenter Bio: Jim Mitchell is the National Sales Manager, Injection Machinery Division for Wittmann Battenfeld, Inc. in Torrington, Conn. He has 30+ years of Plastics Industry experience in Manufacturing, Global Sales and Executive Management. Jim is a graduate of the College of Southern Idaho and a US Navy veteran. His career in plastics began with Tupperware in 1984 and includes 12 years of injection molding process engineering with captive and custom molders. Jim operated a representative organization for 3 years prior to his 15 year career with Sumitomo-Demag. He joined Wittmann Battenfeld in 2015, serving as Regional Sales Manager prior to assuming his current position.

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