Automate Plastics Production Easily and Cost-Effectively with Flexible, User-Friendly Cobots

September 26

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Collaborative robots (“cobots”) are ideal for plastics manufacturers of any size or process. Automate nearly any repetitive manual process: injection molding or 3D press machine tending, deburring, assembly, gluing, quality control, packaging, and palletizing. Cobots are easy to program, have low upfront costs and fast ROI, and are small and lightweight to fit into nearly any production floor. 

Primary Topics: 
• Cobots vs. traditional robotics in cost, ease-of-use, flexibility and safety 
• Plastics applications and case studies where cobots drive fast ROI 
• How built-in safety mechanisms allow employees to work alongside cobots 
• ROI calculations and impacts on quality, output, and employee retention 

Presenter: Christopher Savoia 
Christopher Savoia supports Universal Robots’ deployment and implementation in the Northeast US and Canada. His engineering career has brought him from designing laser systems to integrating industrial robotics. Now, Savoia is bringing robotics to new market segments with the UR platform of flexibility and ease-of-use.