The Cost of Accuracy – Understanding how to Apply the Proper Feeding Solution and Justify your Return on Investment (ROI)

March 28


In most processes, a feeder is often used as the dispensing method for dry bulk solid materials. The devices can be either volumetric or gravimetric and can feed in either batch or continuous modes of operation mills, mixers or extrusion processes.

This presentation will outline some key considerations that should occur prior to purchase. Presentation will first address the cost of raw material and the expected savings a user may realize when applying either a volumetric or gravimetric device.

Presentation is suited for engineers, purchasers and plant managers who are looking to justify and understand the equipment solutions available to improve and maintain overall product quality, increase yields, and ensure minimal loss by ensuring your system is performing to your current processing needs.

Primary Topics:

  • What to consider before purchasing a feeder
  • How to determine the true cost of your raw material
  • How to achieve optimal performance of your feeder
  • Feeder performance is key to end product quality

Presenter: John Winski


John Winski – Director of Sales for Coperion K-Tron, Sewell, NJ. John is responsible for sales in the Americas for Coperion K-Tron Feeders, Pneumatic Conveying and Engineered Systems. He has 28 years of experience at Coperion K-Tron and has held positions as a Service Engineer, Project Engineer and Regional Sales Management. He holds a degree in Electronics Engineering Technology from Temple University.



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