Introduction to Extrusion

December 15 - 15, 2017

All seminars include
... my Ten (11) Key Principles of Extrusion,
... plastics chemistry for non-chemists (understanding the materials),
... review of hardware (data sensors, motors, screws, auxiliaries),
... limits to production rate, QC of raw materials, simplified rheology,
... start-up/shutdown procedures, troubleshooting common extrusion problems.

Cost to attend a live seminar is $US495 for one, $250 for each additional person from the same company, lunch included.

Attendees can bring samples and questions (response in private if requested).

For questions or to register, please call 301-758-7788 or email

This seminar is also available on an in-plant basis in 1- and 2-day formats -- please call or email for details.

Houston, TX