Purging Hot Runners in the Thin-Wall Packaging Industry

June 30, 2021 |

Purging tools that are molding thin-wall containers and lids can be a challenging task for many injection molders.

In order to purge these types of tools, an injection molder must use a purge compound that is efficient at removing color from the hot runners and is also easily molded and ejected from the tool. The Ultra Purge 1000 series was developed specifically for purging thin-wall parts on stack tool applications for the packaging industry.


  • Commercial purge benefits
  • Types of commercial purge compounds
  • Unique challenges when purging thin-wall packaging applications
  • Ultra Purge 1000 series

Presenter 1:

Andrew Reeder

Thermoplastics Sales Manager

Andrew Reeder is the thermoplastics sales manager at Chem-Trend, a leading producer of purging compounds, release agents and other process chemical specialties. He has been working in the purge compound industry for the past 15 years. He has spent his career working with companies to find the best solutions for their purge compound needs.