Paulson: Managing a Molding Plant

January 23 - 24, 2018

This 2 day course focuses on identifying, monitoring and controlling the cost drivers of an injection molding plant. Cost drivers are those items that dictate how much profit you make.

Course Summary

Molding Managers are swamped daily with issues which all seem to be crises. Most of them are not crises. Knowing exactly which is which is critical. Your ultimate success is measured by just a handful of metrics. We’ll show you how to change your perspective to focus on those items that really matter.

Who Should Attend

Molding Managers, Production Managers, Supervisors, anyone else with production and quality responsibility.


$1,995 (discounts available for multiple attendees)

Important cost drivers we cover in this seminar:

· Effective throughput. What does it mean? How is it monitored?

· What reports have the most meaning to the company’s success?

· Production data collection tools I Material conservation I Labor content I Material content

· Machine and mold maintenance costs

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