Choosing The Right Vacuum Technology for Extrusion Processes

April 11

Extrusion is a continuous process of forming plastics into various shapes. An extruder screw draws raw material from a hopper, passes the material through various zones as it turns into molten form, homogenizes the liquid then forces the molten plastic through a die. There are many vacuum applications in plastics processing. Two of the most prominent are degassing the molten material in the extruder before the die, and calibrating plastic profile shapes after the die. This presentation covers the points to be considered in selecting vacuum technologies and vacuum systems for extruder degassing and calibration tables.

Primary Topics: 
• Filtration technologies for extruder degassing
• Pump technologies for extruder degassing
• Pump technologies for vacuum profiling tables

Presenter: Benjamin Cameron 

Ben Cameron has been with Busch LLC for over ten years, previously working for Mitsubishi Chemical and Nova Chemical. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from Virginia Tech, and an MBA from Old Dominion University.

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