Paulson ProMolder 2™ Seminar

February 12 - 16, 2018

ProMolder™ 2 is our advanced injection molding seminar that will turn you into an injection molding expert. This 5 day intensive seminar combines classroom instruction, an injection molding machine simulator and hands-on at-the-machine lab time. Whether you use Scientific Molding or DeCoupled Molding or a hybrid system in your plant, this seminar will dramatically increase your results.

Paulson ProMolder™ 2 covers 5 days and is divided into 2 main modules:

Module 1: Teaches plastic properties and behavior that affect part quality, the scientific basis and technology of molding, a detailed analysis of molded part defects, their causes and solutions (attendees encouraged to bring examples from their plant).

Module 2: SimTech ™ injection molding machine simulator lessons for hands-on practice in observing the effects of machine control changes on the plastic and molded part properties. This is followed by a molding work session on an actual machine.

Seminar Attendance Pre-Requisites

Attendees should have successfully completed the ProMolder™ 1 course or have passed the pre-assessment test administered by Paulson.


$2,195 (discounts available for multiple attendees)

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Irvine , CA