A Step into the Future of Recycling with Twin Screw Extruder Technology

May 13, 2020

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Recycling is becoming an increasingly important topic in the world today, as post consumer and post industrial wastes are finding their way into our environment and upsetting our ecosystem. This webinar looks at the current state of the technology involved in plastics recycling, including technical challenges in production, and explains why better results can be achieved in many recycling applications by using twin screw extruders. A lot of industries are now focusing on including either some percentage or even up to 100% of recycled materials back into their finished products. There are of course challenges when it comes to processing recycled materials, which can include a mixture of different plastics, like PET, PE, PVC, etc. and non-melting materials like wood, rocks, metals, etc. It is important to have a good understanding on how to handle this material, which can include sorting, washing, shredding, etc., so that it can be easier to process. Once this material is handled appropriately, processing it with a twin screw extruder can be rather straight-forward and beneficial, providing a sustainable and efficient technology for global industries and in the end, our environment.

Primary Topics:

  • An idea of the relevant recycling markets
  • How a twin screw extruder fits into recycling plastic waste
  • Some of the challenges with processing recycled plastic waste and the solutions

Justyn Pyz
Process Engineer, Coperion
Justyn Pyz has been a Process Engineer for Coperion's Compounding and Extrusion division for five years. He is responsible for carrying out twin screw extrusion trials at the process lab in Sewell, NJ, as well as providing technical support for process development, new machine sales and existing customers. Justyn holds a MS in Chemical Engineering from New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT).