Understanding Blenders: What You Need to Know About Recipes and the Perfect Blend

June 02, 2020

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Conair TrueBlend Blender with SmartBlend Control

If you think all blenders are pretty much the same, it’s time to look a little closer. For any injection molding, extrusion or compounding process, the accuracy and consistency of the blend is critical to maintaining a stable process. The obvious benefit is better end product quality but there can be huge cost advantages as well.  Today's technology in blenders makes using recipes and ensuring the highest accuracy easier than ever.  This webinar will examine the things you need to know about how blenders work from mechanically to the control software and best practices for processing.

Primary Topics:

  • Eliminating blending variability and overdosing expensive additives
  • Achieving the highest ROI through consistency and accuracy
  • Dosing and dispensing systems today
  • Utilizing reports and process control

Alan Landers
Product Manager, Conair
Alan Landers has 30 years of machine design experience focused on Industry 4.0, extrusion control, blending, material-conveying and scrap recovery systems for wire and cable, blown and cast film, profile, pipe and carpet fiber manufacturers. His electronic engineering degree and prior experience, provided him with the unique skills required for analyzing difficult process problems, and in-turn, designing unique machine solutions. He is named on three US patents for machine designs for difficult to feed powder and liquid plastics. He joined Conair in 2009.