Cobot Application Highlight: Trends for Fast ROI in Plastics

May 20, 2020

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UR10 cobot working alongside operator

Collaborative Robots are revolutionizing automation and making it easier than ever for manufacturers of all types and sizes to automate. The plastics industry is no exception. Whether de-gating parts or tending an injection mold machine, cobots make automation attainable and affordable, with fast ROI, improved output and reduced scrap. Join this webinar and learn the basics of cobots and how they can take over the dull, dirty or dangerous jobs in your plant while achieving financial benefits. You’ll hear about various cobot applications in plastics and how to choose the right one for your shop. Learn how easy seamless integration to injection mold machines is with the Universal Robots Euromap tool.

Primary Topics:

  • Learn basics of cobots
  • Financial benefits of cobots
  • See real-world case studies of cobots in plastics manufacturing doing various applications
  • Learn how to integrate cobots and injection mold machines with the UR EuroMap


Joe Campbell
Senior Marketing Manager, Universal Robots
Joe Campbell is a 40-year veteran of the robotics industry. After executive assignments in sales, marketing, customer service and operations, Joe is now head of Americas marketing and applications development for Universal Robots. He regularly speaks to industry groups, associations, conferences and state and local governments on the benefits of robotic automation.

Joe Millette
Channel Development Manager, Universal Robots
With several years of sales and support experience in the industrial automation space, Joe Millette currently works as a Channel Development Manager for Universal Robots, covering Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota and South Dakota. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from University of St. Thomas and is proficient in cobot application design.