Purging Tips for Screw Pulls and 5 Other Processing Headaches

October 03

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Every processor has experienced difficult changeovers and costly downtime. This presentation will discuss 6 scenarios where purging compounds can help alleviate the pain associated with common processing challenges. Topics include screw pulls, color changes, difficult start-ups and more. Our purging expert Jarred Packard will discuss common causes & solutions of these problems, so you’re better equipped the next time an issue arises. Packard will also share several customer examples to illustrate how much these processing headaches may actually cost you. 

Primary Topics: 
- Reduce scrap and downtime 
- Easier color and material changes 
- Eliminate contamination issues 
- Achieve faster screw pulls 

Presenter: Jarred Packard 
Jarred Packard is the Project Engineer for Sun Plastech, Inc.—the manufacturer and distributor of Asaclean Purging Compounds.  He is a purging compound expert specializing in new product development for Asaclean. Packard joined Sun Plastech, Inc. in 2017 after working in the packaging industry.