Post-Consumer Recycling

How to Avoid Unpleasant Surprises in Size Reduction

Size-reduction equipment doesn’t get much attention unless there’s a problem or an entirely new application challenge. So when it’s time to repair or upgrade, take these steps to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Resin Conveying

Follow These Steps to More Efficient Central Pneumatic Conveying

Depending on when you bought and installed it, there are ways to tweak your central pneumatic conveying system to improve its performance and save you some money.

Injection Molding

How to Deal With Residual Stress in Molded Parts

Here are design, molding, and fixturing considerations to help you handle this unavoidable issue.


SPE Adds New Categories for Thermoformed Parts Competition

Two new categories this year are parts produced with recycled/sustainable materials and those made using automation and new technology.


How to Manage Pressure Loss in Injection Molding

Achieving a process window wide enough to ensure consistent part quality depends on achieving sufficient pressure at end of fill.

Extrusion Know How

Barrier Screws: Not All Are Created Equal

Let’s take a deep dive into parallel and crossing types and see where each fit in.
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Processors Taking Pragmatic Approach to Industry 4.0

Recent survey reveals that processors evaluate any new technology—including Industry 4.0—by its contribution to improving operations and shop-floor productivity.
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Post-Industrial Recycling

How the Right Granulator Helps You Get the Most Out of Your Material

Not all granulator designs are the same, so which one is right for your application? The one you have today may have been purchased for an entirely different application and may not be best suited to your needs. Here are some things to think about that can help you decide what’s best for you.

Molds & Tooling

Shoulder Bolts: Why They’re Too Important to Ignore (Part 1)

These humble but essential fasteners used in injection molds are known by various names and used for a number of purposes.

Engineering Resins

Five Factors to Consider When Molding PEEK

Are you a first-time molder of PEEK? Have you tried molding it and might be running into trouble? Take a look at five factors in the injection molding process that can help to avoid the need for troubleshooting when molding PEEK.

Multi-Screw Compounding

Extruder Degassing: Is a Central System Right for You?

Centralization vacuum pumps have been used for many decades, most widely used in packaging. For extruder degassing the technology can be useful when several production lines are operated in parallel

Injection Molding

Implementing Automation Systems: How to Do It Right

If you’re thinking of putting a complex automation system for high-volume consumables into your plant, consider these tips on making sure both you and your supplier are ready to give it the best chance of success.
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Resin Conveying

Conveying Elbows Handle 40% Glass-Filled Nylon

Lighter and cheaper than cast alternatives, new stainless-steel conveying elbows utilize a plastics-specific geometry and proprietary internal coating to withstand filled materials.
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Molds & Tooling

Where and How to Vent Injection Molds: Part 3

Questioning several “rules of thumb” about venting injection molds.


Part Two: Determining Viscosity Data Using a Slit Die Viscometer

Using a slit-die viscometer connected to a lab extruder can generate accurate data on melt viscosity at various shear rates and different temperatures—a useful QC tool in processing.
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Materials Know How

Part 5: Heat Deflection Temperature vs. Dynamic Mechanical Analysis

In the final part of this five-installment series, we bring DMA to a practical level using the results for glass-filled nylon.

Injection Molding

How to Quickly Verify Your Machine & Process Setpoints

For a quick check of your process setup, the injection-pressure-vs.-time graph is your best tool.
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Injection Molding

VIDEO: Injection Molding Experts Confront Industry’s Challenges

The technology divide in molding; worst practices; low pay and less training—a panel of injection experts tackled some of the tough issues facing processors today during a panel at Molding 2019.
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Injection Molding

Got Streaks or Black Specs? Here’s How to Find and Fix Them

Determining the source of streaking or contamination in your molded parts is a critical step in perfecting your purging procedures ultimately saving you time and money.
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People 4.0 – How to Get Buy-In from Your Staff for Industry 4.0 Systems

Implementing a production monitoring system as the foundation of a ‘smart factory’ is about integrating people with new technology as much as it is about integrating machines and computers. Here are tips from a company that has gone through the process.
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