New Name for SPI Processors' Group

The Structural Plastics Div. of the Society of the Plastics Industry (SPI), Washington, D.C., has changed its name to the Alliance of Plastics Processors (APP). “Changing our name will better serve our members by broadening the scope of our division, providing more access to technology and other resources beyond the Structural Plastics Div., and opening our group to collaboration with other organizations that can share skills, knowledge, and leadership training,” said Allen Weidman, executive director of the Alliance.

New Injection Simulator Mimics Entire Process

New software from Paulson Training Programs Inc., Chester, Conn., simulates the injection molding process using your choice of machine model, mold type, and material grade.

Teach Your Children Plastics

The surest way to alleviate the chemo-phobia that afflicts a large part of the public is through early education. By chemo-phobia I mean the predisposition to believe any scare story about hazards to health or the environment caused by the chemical industry or its products. Of course, those include plastics.

Film Extrusion

15 Ways to Raise Blown Film Productivity (Without Breaking the Bank)

Blown film processors, many of them small enterprises with a single plant or a single costly line, may have limited resources, in both capital and manpower, to devote to optimizing their productivity. Yet avenues of improvement are open for even the most over-extended entrepreneur. And some of the most effective modifications cost little more than a phone call or a small change in procedures. The 15 tips presented here include ways to optimize areas of your operation from employee training to better customer communications.