Blow Molding

Rethinking Blow Molding Machines For Maximum Flexibility & Value

Kautex is redesigning its packaging machines with a modular concept to offer blow molders the widest range of choice in drive systems and cost-effectiveness.

Commodity Resins

Unimodal HDPE for Blow Molded Bottles Boasts a 'Step Change' in ESCR

ExxonMobil’s new unimodal HDPE is said to represent a big leap in ESCR performance without compromising other properties.
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Novel Metal 3D-Printing Technology Optimized for Plastic Tooling

A new company called Mantle offers 3D printing equipment and materials that boast unique suitability for producing injection mold components, overcoming limitations of other printing methods.

Blow Molding

New Bottle Lightweighting Technology Saves Resin and Cost

Graham Packaging has developed a method of selectively reinforcing a bottle wall perpendicular to conventional parison programming.


Take the Guesswork Out of Determining Screw, Barrel Wear

New technology from Glycon takes real-time measurements of screw and barrel wear and provides data to guide processors as to when the time may be right to swap out these components.
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New Player, Different Approach to Automation

Rapid Robotics is a new automation supplier that offers manufacturers an affordable rental model for “ready-to-work robotic machine operators.”

Blow Molding

Plastiblow Re-Enters U.S. Market With Advanced All-Electric Machines

A major Italian machinery brand, already well established in Latin America, is back in North America with service and spare parts support and a number of distinctive features on its all-electric blow molders.

Feeding & Blending

New Central Blending System Offers Greater Accuracy, Flexibility

Developed by Israel’s LIAD and available from Ampacet, system features dedicated ingredient weighing hoppers conveyed to specific machines to eliminate the risk of batch contamination.


Precisely Managed Melt Delivery Moved into the Hot Runner

Husky says its new UltraShot injection system miniaturizes the shooting-pot concept of a traditional two-stage injection system—putting it within the mold—to create proximity to the gate that all but eliminates pressure drop.

New Technology Opens a Predictive Window Onto Screw Wear

Despite their integral role in transforming pellets fed through the hopper into parts ejected from the mold, visibility into the performance, health and efficiency of screws is difficult to discern for many reasons, not the least of which being the fact they’re located inside a barrel.
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Closed-Loop Recycling Makes Old Printer Cartridges New Again

Canon runs a big recycling operation in Virginia where it collects and sorts toner cartridges, pelletizes the scrap, then molds new cartridges from the reclaim.  
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Additive Manufacturing

New Technology Combines 3D Printing with Injection Molding

This new concept 3D prints a metallic endoskeleton and then injection molds a special polymer around that skeleton.


Antiviral Additive Reportedly Kills Coronavirus on Plastics in Auto Interiors

In response to COVID-19, automotive Tier 1 molder and compounder CpK has developed an antiviral additive for auto interiors and other applications. 
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Real-Time NIR Testing Can Slash QC Costs Up to 90%

Using the right near-infrared (NIR) measurement devices for the job is key—whether for moisture, composition analysis, or full-spectrum testing.  
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Researchers Combine Mechanical and Chemical Recycling

This research team is working on developing a novel hybrid chemical-mechanical technology for recycling and upcycling of laminated and multilayered plastics.
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Have You Considered the Sustainability Benefits of Liquid Color?

Add less pigment to the solid-waste or recycling streams, save energy, and reduce waste to landfill, among other advantages.
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Pipe, Profile & Tubing Extrusion

Fast, Precise Machine Helps Tubing Processor Make the Cut

Instead of turning down a job or farming out cutting to another company because of downstream bottlenecks, Eagle Elastomer can now handle all extrusion process functions in-house. 
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Post-Industrial Recycling

Innovative Recycler Sets Sights on PET Thermoforms

Green Impact Plastics becomes first to focus on thermoforms in tray-to-tray recycling venture.
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Injection Molding

Novel Nozzle Tip Prevents Stringing, Saving Molds & Cycle Time

New design is said to eliminate mold damage from nozzle stringing or work-arounds that slow cycles.


Novel Dual-Wheel Blow Molder Allows Quick Product Changes

Two wheels, one extruder, two sets of molds: all you need to change products without a mold change.