High-Efficiency Benchtop Spectrophotometer Series

Datacolor’s Spectro 1000/700 series spectrophotometer, boasts high efficiency and confidence in color formulation in quality control for plastics and other industries.


General-Purpose 5-axis Robot Range Redesigned

Building off the display of a prototype at K 2019, Sepro has finished the redesign of its Success robot range with three models, including ones with five-axis operation.

Engineering Resins

Integrated TPV System Solutions Aid in Development of More Sustainable Automotive Weatherseals

ExxonMobil’s new Santoprene integrated TPV system solutions can potentially extend performance and recyclability while optimizing cost of GRC weatherseals.  


Building an Ocean-Bound Plastics Supply Chain

Atando Cabos, working with partners ExxonMobil and Engel, is taking discarded fishing rope and transforming it into raw material to reincorporate into the production chain as long-term recyclable products.  


Thermoplastic Biomaterial ‘Fine-Tuned’ for Medical Applications

U.K. and U.S. university research team succeed in ‘fine-tuning a type of polyester biomaterial to enable the rate of degradation in the body.

Additive Manufacturing

New Liquid Materials for Additive Manufacturing

Ideal for use in automotive and microelectronic applications, these light-curing epoxy resins have been optimized specifically for industrial 3D printing applications.

Injection Molding

PlastiCert Adds Two Molding Machines

The Lewiston, Minn. custom molder has added two new Cincinnati Milacron injection molding machines as it pursues its capital investment plan.

Engineering Resins

Small but Fast-Growing Distributor Unhindered by the Pandemic

With a focus on compounded and engineering resins, General Polymers aligns it market strategy to compliment the supplier and support the needs of processors.

Injection Molding

Remote Service Added to Machine Line

BOY says its Smart Remote Service establishes a connection between its service personnel and its molding machines via “an integrated gateway.”

Hot Runners

Valve Gate Hot Runner Integrates New Servo Motor

The compact direct-drive servo motor design minimizes stack height and simplifies mold design.

Recycled Materials

Cosmetics Packaging Made with Eastman Cristal Renew

Axilone is producing luxury packaging with 50% certified recycled content in the U.S., Europe and China.


Emerson Opens New Global Headquarters for Welding & Assembly

Emerson’s new Branson welding & assembly technologies facility features several technological capabilities. 


Borealis and Tomra Open Mechanical Recycling Demo Plant

The new plant will produce ready-for-market fully formulated polymer pellets. 

Ripped from the Pages of Plastics Technology

Already gathering entries for its 5th year, Plastics Technology’s Top Shops continues to shine a spotlight on plastics’ premier processors.

Commodity Resins

First-of-a-Kind Nanotechnology-Based PET Compound Enables Differentiated Foams

SABIC’s new Colorcomp WQ117945 is based on an advanced nanotechnology additive masterbatch that can be adapted to other resins.

Recycled Materials

One of the First Portfolios of Sustainable TPEs Commercially Launched

Audia Elastomers’ new AudiaFlex TPEs are produced from post-consumer, post-industrial, biobased, and marine waste based sources.

Injection Molding

New Technology Combines 3D Printing with Injection Molding

This new concept 3D prints a metallic endoskeleton, and then injection molds a polymer around that skeleton.

Commodity Resins

Licensee of EconCore's Thermoplastic Honeycomb Technology Gets Two New Automotive Contracts

Mexico’s Fynotej secures two major contracts to supply automotive trunk load floors using Fynocore continuous honeycomb panel technology licensed from EconCore  

Engineering Resins

Polyplastics' PBT and PPS Targeted to Autonomous Driving Applications

Polyplastics sees its Duranex PBT and Durafide PPS as particularly suited to sensors used in radar and camera bracket systems.


Use Rheology and Flow Simulation to Troubleshoot Extrusion Processes

Let’s take the mystery out of rheology by showing how the wealth of information it provides can be used by processors to solve real-world production problems.