New PC Helps Molder Cuts Costs for Automotive Lighting Bezels.

Use of SABIC’s super high-flow PC allowed Brazilian molder to lower development costs and produce a thinner automotive front lighting bezel.  

Resin Conveying

Molder Eliminates Line Blowouts with Deflection Elbow

Parker Chomerics eliminated chronic elbow failures since switching to Hammertek conveying elbow more than two-and-a-half years ago.
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Film Extrusion

New Die-Cleaning System Boosts Efficiency for Film Processor

IPG’s investment in Schwing’s cleaning system impacts processor’s bottom line by getting dirty film dies back in production quickly.
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Additive Manufacturing

Custom Molder Enhances Disinfection Equipment With Novel Nozzle Design

Responding to the coronavirus pandemic, Protolabs' innovative nozzle protector successfully augments Foam-iT's flagship fog-mist disinfectant units.


Film Processor Boosts Line Performance with Air-Ring Retrofit

Air-ring upgrade results in output gains up to 23% for leading film processor in Indonesia. Gauge uniformity also improved.
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Despite COVID-19, ERP Software Keeps Molder Working—Even from Home

ERP platform’s remote access, real-time operations overview, and transparency into production output and customer demand help custom molder weather coronavirus.
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A Window of Opportunity Opens to One Million Parts a Day

Injection molder and moldmaker Lawrence Industries was founded on the promise of plastics as a replacement for metal in window hardware—a market it now dominates.

Commodity Resins

Custom Molder Helps Entrepreneurs Choose Optimal Colorants for Successful Product Launches

Blue Ring Technologies has zeroed-in on Chroma’s highly-loaded G2 colorant system for the production of high-quality parts.
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EVCO Plastics Gears Up To Mold Coronavirus Test Kits

The firm has added shifts, reassigned people and injection machines—and is buying new ones—in a crash program to mold and assemble COVID-19 test kits.
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Purging Compounds

Single-Dose Purge Compound Yields Big Savings for Molder

Blackhawk Molding switched to premeasured packets of a new purge compound for 63% overall cost savings.

Engineering Resins

For Medical-Parts Molder, Better Chemical Resistance Just ‘Drops In’

Switch from PC/ABS to Eastman’s Tritan MXF copolyester helps PIM meet need for greater resistance to a wider range of disinfectants with no processing tradeoffs.
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Injection Molding

Small, Family-Run Vermont Molder Pioneers in ‘Lights-Out’ & Industry 4.0

Going back 37 years, T&M Enterprises dared to push available technology far beyond the risk tolerance of much larger firms.
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Injection Molding

Bigger Press Opens Opportunities for Molder

Acting quickly, Pittsfield Plastics arms its plant with high-tonnage Haitian press to meet customer demand and open options for more large-part molding projects.  
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Sheet Extrusion

Auto Interiors Leader Brings Extrusion In-House

For first time in its 35-yr history, Legendary Auto Interiors is producing its own PVC sheet for floor-mat line.    
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Multi-Screw Compounding

Start-Up Compounder Seeks Niche in Short Orders, Quick Turns

Peak sets its sights on high-performance industrial and medical markets.
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Film Extrusion

Packaging Converter Launches Film-Extrusion Business

Polymer Film & Bag Inc. will start with three-layer capacity of more than 20 million lb/yr, with additional expansion plans already firmed up.
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Thermoformer Sees Business Bump From New Machine Installation

Addition of fast-cycling form/cut/stack unit leads to new business over $1 million.
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Auto Filters Get Superior Seals with Servo Ultrasonic Welding

Automotive Tier 1 gets stronger welds and shorter cycle times in assembly of small transmission filters—results not possible with vibration welding.

Molds & Tooling

Speed and Flexibility Help Molder, Moldmaker Fill a Niche in Product Development

Quotes in hours, parts and molds in days—Xcentric Mold & Engineering brings prototype speed to production molding and moldmaking.

Commodity Resins

Molder of Large Totes Save Material & Energy Costs with Recycled PP

Aaron Industries’ 100% recycled PP compound fortified with Milliken’s specialty modifier boosts MFI and retains strength.
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