Under One Roof: Innovative Recycler Closes the Loop

rPlanet Earth looks to disrupt the plastics recycling industry by creating a truly sustainable, closed-loop system for recycling and reuse of post-consumer plastics, with reclaim, sheet extrusion, thermoforming and preform making all in the same plant.

Resin Conveying

Conveying Elbows Handle 40% Glass-Filled Nylon

Lighter and cheaper than cast alternatives, new stainless-steel conveying elbows utilize a plastics-specific geometry and proprietary internal coating to withstand filled materials.
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Injection Molding

Injection Overmolding Widens Horizons For Composites Processor

A specialist in thermoset composites since the 1960s, CCP Gransden is a relative newcomer to thermoplastic composites and to injection molding. Its exploration of organosheet overmolding has opened up new potential.
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Profile Processor Looks Beyond Windows and Doors

Intek Plastics intends to maintain a leadership position in its core fenestration business. At the same time, it’s on a mission to leverage its expertise in materials know-how, engineering, technology and customer collaboration to become a force in other profile extrusion markets as well.
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Molder Increases Capabilities—But Not Risk—With Flexible Two-Shot Technology

A customer request for multi-material molding presented a market opportunity and potential financial peril: How do you add two-shot without also overextending yourself from an investment perspective?
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Stretch Blow Molding

‘We Don’t Shy Away from a Challenge’

Meredith-Springfield thrives on technically difficult blow molding jobs that others avoid. Its latest pioneering effort is pushing the limits in the new field of EPET.
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Commodity Resins

Are We Having a Good Day? Real-Time Production Data Has Answers for a Custom Blow Molder

“Information automation” is one of the keys to running a successful custom blow molding business for Meredith-Springfield Associates.
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Injection Molding

Aluminum Tooling Answers Hard Questions

Check your preconceptions about aluminum production tooling at Phoenix Proto’s door.
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Injection Molding

Full Plate of New Technologies on the Table at EVCO Plastics

A new low-pressure molding process, 3D printing of production parts and prototype tooling, collaborative robots, and process monitoring with automatic QC are all on the menu.
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Mold Maintenance

Moldmaking in Mexico: A New Frontier

Advancing beyond repairs and maintenance, there is a growing Mexican moldmaking segment, giving local supply and support to the country’s burgeoning automotive sector, among others.

Injection Molding

Molder Makes Coffee Pods From Compostable Resin

Fourmark developed the expertise to mold plant-based resin into the main component of the capsules.
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Commodity Resins

Recycling Breathes New Life into Textile Leader

Fiber producer Unifi reinvents itself as a plastics recycler that turns PET bottles into recycled fibers.
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Meet the New Force in Color Concentrate Production

The new Chroma Color Corp. unites the production and technical expertise of four different firms to better serve the needs of a consolidating processor market.
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Injection Molding

‘Intelligent’ Cooling Helps Molder Improve Productivity, Profitability & Quality

Cost-effective and user-friendly process-cooling system gives custom molder the ability to do more with less.
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Inline Inkjet Printer Keeps Pace With Speedy Wire & Cable Processor

Huber+Suhner is outfitting its six high-speed extrusion lines with new high-speed, continuous inkjet printers.
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Injection Molding

Rapid Heat & Cool Molding Evolves to Meet Industry Challenges

Technical capabilities of the process have advanced to erase former cycle-time penalties, and ongoing developments address creation of a materials database and new applications in hybrid composite injection overmolding.
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Molds & Tooling

New System Runs Two Molds in One Press Simultaneously

Shuttle-mold system is one of several eye-popping innovations that Canon Virginia brought to NPE2018.

Injection Molding

Newly Merged Molder Beefs Up EMI-RFI Shielding Operations

PSI Molded Plastics’ mechanized copper-paint line can handle large parts.

Post-Consumer Recycling

New Screen Changer Boosts Productivity, Cuts Scrap for Extruder of PET Strapping

Cyklop’s move to a new-model, high-efficiency screen changer reduces number of screen changes and backflush waste while yielding uniform melt flow and high throughputs. 
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Injection Molding

Metal/Plastic Hybrid Molding: Flexible Alternatives for Teletronics

In overmolding of plastic onto electronic components, the goal today is flexibility. Here are three real-world examples of different kinds of modular cell layouts that have been used in production.
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