Molds & Tooling

GW Plastics Bets on Metal 3D Printing

Conformal cooling is goal of big investment at U.S. mold facility.
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Extrusion Know How

Cast vs. Integral: Which Feed Section Is Best for You?

Here are seven factors extrusion processors should weigh to help them decide between cast feed section versus an integral extrusion feed section.
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Injection Molding

Tooling: Hot Sprues—Mold a Disk or Not?

Having a hot sprue shut off against the parting line versus intentionally molding a thin disk has been the subject of controversy for many years.
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Engineering Resins

Novel ‘Flat’ Fiberglass Enhances Injection Molded TP Composites

Advances in fiberglass reinforcements for thermoplastics have evolved from conventional chopped strand to long-glass fibers to hybrids of long glass and carbon fibers.
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Now You Can Injection Mold Unpainted Automotive Soft Skins

New S-TPE for interior trim challenges slush molding and TPV competition.


Vacuum Drying Sucks Wasted Time From Process Set-Up

A switch to vacuum drying resulted in a completely revamped process for this custom molder.
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Purging Compounds

Follow These Tips to Power Up Your Purging Process

A properly executed purging process can save processors thousands a year in lost production while helping them increase output and avoid scrap. Here’s how to optimize your results.
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New Engineering Materials for Challenging Automotive Applications

Nylons, PPA, and PPS for high heat and chemical resistance and/or high strength with light weight.


Cobot Helps Molder Keep Pace

Collaborative robot boosts process efficiency by 25%, while unburdening workers from the shop floor’s more tedious tasks.


Technology Takes Aim At Drying Specialized Resins

Novatec develops new at-the-press drying solutions for molders tackling highly tailored nylons and other specialty materials.
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Air-Ring Upgrade Pumps Up the Output

Film processor Dallas Plastics boosts throughput by as much as 40% by retrofitting a new air ring—without the need for IBC.
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Commodity Resins

Why Drying Polyolefins Might Be Right for Your Process

From a technical standpoint, drying non-hygroscopic materials such as polyethylene and polypropylene may not be necessary. However, doing so may be advantageous to your process. Here are details.
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Heating & Cooling

Injection Molding: Nozzle Heaters & Thermocouples: A Case of Wiring Done Wrong

Incorrect placement of wires for these components frustrates molders and costs them money to boot.
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Injection Molding

Switching Hydraulic Oil Saves Energy & Machine Downtime

Test at leading molder shows a high-viscosity, zinc-free oil improves pump efficiency and runs longer, cleaner, and quieter.


Thermoformer Chooses Clarified PP For New Food Containers

Lacerta expands beyond PET to offer one of the first clear PP packages with tamper-evident properties.
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Success Through Process Diversity

From heavy-gauge to light, and from the medical industry to the transportation market, Brentwood utilizes its wide range of thermoforming capabilities and expertise to engage customers around the world.
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Mold Simulation

CAM Adds Agility to Custom Thermoformer

CNC machining permeates ATI’s business, making its operations more efficient and responsive.
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High-Tech Blow Molding At Agri-Industrial Plastics

This family-owned custom molder stands out in its use of advanced computer and automation tools to claim a niche in large, complex, and multi-layer parts.
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Former Has a Full-Blown Focus on Sustainability

Shepherd Thermoforming’s operation has spared millions of PET bottles from death by landfill. It also has taken steps to slash its own energy and water consumption.
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Vaulting to Number One Among Heavy-Gauge Thermoformers

For Wilbert Plastic Services, it’s all about bringing together design and engineering to add value for customers.
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