Pipe, Profile & Tubing Extrusion

Fast, Precise Machine Helps Tubing Processor Make the Cut

Instead of turning down a job or farming out cutting to another company because of downstream bottlenecks, Eagle Elastomer can now handle all extrusion process functions in-house. 

Blow Molding

Novel Dual-Wheel Blow Molder Allows Quick Product Changes

Two wheels, one extruder, two sets of molds: all you need to change products without a mold change.

Film Extrusion

‘Game Changing’ Flat Die Lives Up to Its Billing

Revolutionary ‘touchless’ die and control system for cast film and coating/laminating offer speed, efficiency and operational efficiencies to processors that were previously ‘unheard of.’


Melt-Temperature Measurement Shows New Potential for Monitoring & Control

Unique melt-measurement system provides new types of data for quality and process control. A new version is coming soon.

Injection Molding

New Mold Grease Smooths Operations for Troublesome Tool

Switching to a new synthetic grease helped an injection molder keep a difficult die running, eliminating unplanned downtime and cutting scrap.

Injection Molding

iMFLUX Leverages Its Resources to Fight Coronavirus

P&G’s subsidiary pressed its design and moldmaking expertise into service to make face shields and nasal test swabs for the COVID-19 pandemic.

Injection Molding

Captive Molder Seeks Bigger Footprint in Custom Business

Pittsfield Plastics Engineering has spruced up its facility and added new technology as it seeks to expand its business beyond its proprietary line of reels and spools.


BOPE Takes Aim at BOPP & BOPET Films

Nova’s new biaxially oriented HDPE is seen as a more easily recyclable monomaterial contender versus multilayer BOPP or BOPET films.

Molds & Tooling

Molder Pushes Limits of Rapid Tooling in Coronavirus Crash Projects

Harbec explores 3D printed aluminum molds with conformal cooling.

Injection Molding

Fast, Simple, Low-Cost Method Unveils ‘True’ Melt Temperature

Long a mystery to injection molders, actual temperature of melt entering the mold is said to be revealed by an easy procedure that is repeatable and takes less than a minute.

Sheet Extrusion

Sheet Processor Adds Capacity in Coronavirus Fight

Laminex is venturing into APET for first time to make PPE in Mexico, after purchasing one of PTi’s demo production lines. The turnkey system will ultimately be used by Laminex for its packaging products.

Pipe, Profile & Tubing Extrusion

Medical Tubing: No Tradeoff of Speed for Quality with New Downstream Package

New technology from Novatec packages next-generation multi-pass tank, novel gauging technique, and enhanced coilers to boost rates to 1000 ft/min or more without tube-quality issues.

Additive Manufacturing

3D Printing Helps Close the Loop for Armor’s Circular Economy

Manufacturing 3D printing filament was first a way for Armor to recycle its own reclaimed plastic waste. But now, this business unit is helping to close the loop on sustainability for plastic 3D printed products.


New Product ID Technologies For Industry, Retail & Recycling

Confirming material composition and manufacturing source, anti-counterfeiting, waste sorting, and retail check-out scanning may all get a boost from new ID technologies.

Pipe, Profile & Tubing Extrusion

New Method Boosts Medical-Tubing Efficiency

At Plastec West, Novatec unveiled an ultrasonic centering gauge to all but eliminate concentricity issues while decreasing startup time and slashing material waste.

Mold Maintenance

Bigger, Faster, Lower-Cost Robots at K 2019

Three, four, five and six axes; high speed and high payload capacities; low-cost models; and collaborative robots made news at K. There were also QMC systems and AGVs.


Custom Molder’s Strategic Edge: Top-Class Metrology Services

Molding good parts is not enough. Better and faster metrology services for tool qualification and process validation make the difference for Octex Group.


New Downstream System For Inline Cutting, Curing of TPU Tubing

Novatec will debut an altogether new approach for processing tacky, hard-to-cut thermoplastic polyurethane tubes at next month’s Plastec West show.

Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing Continues Its Push Toward Production Floor

Suppliers unveil new material grades at K 2019 as 3D printing applications advance.

Injection Molding

Cut Operating Costs—and Headaches with the Right Hydraulic Oil

A big automotive molder found that switching hydraulic oils had a major impact on downtime, maintenance, and energy efficiency.

Injection Molding

Tension-Indicating ‘Smart’ Bolts Make Mold Mounting Safer, More Efficient

No more guessing about whether mold-mounting bolts are tightened properly, with an alternative to unreliable torque measurements.

Injection Molding

Structural Foam Goes Vertical—Again!

A new generation of vertical presses takes structural foam back to its origins—but with a big shot of new enhancements.


Molder Adopts ‘Semi-Smart’ Automation

R&D Plastics finds new and more sophisticated ways to use robots.

Injection Molding

Molder’s Philosophy of ‘Giving Back’ Helps Attract New Employees

R&D Plastics participates in numerous programs to further plastics education with local universities and high schools. This effort breeds good community relations and helps attract new employees.