Industry 4.0 Communication Standard Adds Hot Runners, LSR Dosing

EUROMAP and the OPC Foundation’s joint working group issued a standardized data exchange communication protocol for hot runner devices and liquid silicone rubber dosing systems.

Heating & Cooling

Chiller Line Adds Process Monitoring Software

Delta T Systems says the DTS Smart Connect chiller monitoring option allows remote management and servicing for its full line of chillers.


Bosch Adds Artificial Intelligence to Industry 4.0

New from Bosch Group is a “universal AI solution for manufacturing,” which it is using first in its own plants.

Injection Molding

Arburg Augments Customer Portal, Extends Digitalization

Arburg is expanding its arburgXworld customer portal and Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) connectivity to all new Allrounder injection molding machines with retrofits for older presses.

New Technology Adoption as a Business Strategy

As a company, is your adoption of new technology passive and by accident or strategic and planned?


Take the Guesswork Out of Determining Screw, Barrel Wear

New technology from Glycon takes real-time measurements of screw and barrel wear and provides data to guide processors as to when the time may be right to swap out these components.

Injection Molding

Remote Service Added to Machine Line

Boy says its Smart Remote Service establishes a connection between its service personnel and its molding machines via “an integrated gateway.”

Will You Be Ready for the Next Disruption?

Lessons learned from ongoing coronavirus pandemic should help business navigate through the next disruption.

Injection Molding

20 Good Things to Come Out of 2020—Part 4

Good news was there if you knew where to look for it—in the pages of Plastics Technology magazine or right here on our website. Here’s a review of headlines you can feel good about.


Plastics Processors Waking Up to the Digital World

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic could force plastics processors to revisit technologies previously overlooked, many of which will be on display at May’s NPE2021 show. In part one of a series on emerging trends and technologies to explore during the triennial event, we look at digital manufacturing.


Four New Developments in Plastics Drying

These four short videos provide a snapshot of what’s going on in plastics resin drying technology. Yes, there’s Industry 4.0, but also lots more to bring higher quality and efficiency to your injection molding and extrusion processes.

Beckhoff’s Industry 4.0 Products Integrated With Siemens’ MindSphere

The TwinCAT internet of things (IoT) product family can now be integrated with Siemens industrial IoT-as-a-service platform.

Injection Molding

Digital Platform for Injection Molders Expands Reach, Functionality

Arburg announced several updates for its arburgXworld digital platform including different packages and the ability to link to ERP systems and additive manufacturing technology.

Milacron Joins Organization for Machine Automation and Control (OMAC)

Along with its IIoT partner, ei3, Milacron is now part of a working group to establish best practices for remote access methods.

Injection Molding

Protolabs Launches Revamped Digital Quoting Platform

Initially unveiled in Europe, the new digital manufacturing platform will be coming to the U.S. in early 2021, bringing greater speed and flexibility to quoting of injection molded, CNC machined, and 3D-printed parts. 


Lights Out, Pristine Production In

The numbers beggar belief and the business belies description—Medical Components of America has six full-time employees, six injection machines and lights-out production that’s gone five years without shipping a bad part or missing a delivery.

Sheet Extrusion

PT Tech Days Continue to Inform

Register now to hear technology experts address a wide range of topics in plastics processing. And access our archives to tune in to what you may have missed. It’s free.

Injection Molding

Despite COVID-19, ERP Software Keeps Molder Working—Even from Home

ERP platform’s remote access, real-time operations overview, and transparency into production output and customer demand help custom molder weather coronavirus.

Injection Molding

Cincinnati Process Technologies (CPT) Partners With Predictive Maintenance Sensor and Application Supplier

CPT has joined with IoT Diagnostics to bring a slate of Industry 4.0 technologies to the plastics market.

Additive Manufacturing

'10 Things We’re Seeing in Machine Shops Right Now'

Metalworking shops and plastics plants make for interesting comparisons of their responses to the COVID-19 challenge.

Resin Conveying

Time Still to Register For PT Tech Days

It’s free. It’s online. It’s scheduled every Thursday through December. And you can register now to hear technology experts address a wide range of topics in plastics processing.  

Injection Molding

Digital Manufacturing Network Offers ‘Radical Transparency’ Over Multiple Processes, Providers & Continents

Fictiv now offers complete visibility of complete value chain from design upload to production, quality, shipping and pricing for metal and plastic prototypes and production parts from a “Digital Ecosystem” of 250+ partners in the U.S. and Asia.

Heating & Cooling

Clear Your Calendars for Plastics Technology 'Tech Days'

Beginning Oct. 8, we will be bringing exclusive, live, online technical content on a wide range of processing topics that you can access for free.


Industry 4.0 Universal Communication Standard Coming for Laboratory Equipment

In Germany, work is underway to develop a standard to allow all sorts of laboratory equipment to communicate with higher-level computer systems and ultimately with manufacturing.

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