Is Your Cleanroom Operating Correctly?

Monitor your cleanroom remotely on your phone and get alarm notices if sensors detect a problem.

Injection Molding

Injection Molding Networking Platform Adds Mold Transfer Software

RJG says the new Mold Transfer software allows users to generate machine-specific setup sheets, recommend compatible machines and more.

Resin Conveying

Use the Cloud to Management Material in Bins, Tanks, Silos

Allows remote and plant workers to monitor inventory levels remotely.  

New Technology Opens a Predictive Window Onto Screw Wear

Despite their integral role in transforming pellets fed through the hopper into parts ejected from the mold, visibility into the performance, health and efficiency of screws is difficult to discern for many reasons, not the least of which being the fact they’re located inside a barrel.

Enhanced Portable Diagnostic System for Press Room Automation & Operator Safety Device Analysis

Ametek Factory Automation updates its proven Gemco 1999 Semelex Safetimeter, providing better protection for factory personnel.

Injection Molding

Upgraded Digital Charge Amplifier

New generation builds off wholly new unit launched in 2018 with faster startups and two energy paths.


Melt-Temperature Measurement Shows New Potential for Monitoring & Control

Unique melt-measurement system provides new types of data for quality and process control. A new version is coming soon.

Five Ways SPC Can Improve Performance

Statistical process control (SPC) can help plastics processors determine the factors responsible for product quality variation and provide a roadmap for improving the production process.


Coperion Goes Remote to Upgrade Compounding Line

Project encompassed both a control software update as well as mechanical overhauls on the system. 

Injection Molding

Injection Molding: Miniature Force Sensor

New crystal at the heart of Kistler’s miniature piezoelectric force sensor.


Drying: Touch Controller With Industry 4.0 Communications

Control is based on an open platform and consists of a PLC with a thermocouple monitoring system.

Injection Molding

Fast, Simple, Low-Cost Method Unveils ‘True’ Melt Temperature

Long a mystery to injection molders, actual temperature of melt entering the mold is said to be revealed by an easy procedure that is repeatable and takes less than a minute.


Coping with Coronavirus: What If You Can’t Get a Tech Service Visit?

‘Social distancing’ for service technicians? Online remote servicing to the rescue!


Extrusion: Control System for Wire, Cable

System allows producers to maximize throughput while maintaining tolerances.

Injection Molding: Pressure Transducer Enables Accurate Measurements at Low Pressures and High Temperatures

TrueMelt pressure transducers can provide accurate measurements for processes with pressures below 500 psi and temperatures above 300 F.

Injection Molding

Injection Molding: Artificial Intelligence Predicts Part Quality

AI software “learns” via DOE the influence of process variables on part quality and applies that “learning” to make good/bad part determination in production.

Feeding & Blending

Feeding/Blending: Controller Offers Connectivity & User Friendliness

Controllers for upstream volumetric mixers and dosing stations feature touch screen with extended recipe storage and management, among other features.

Injection Know How

How Can Molders Achieve Effective Process Monitoring?

You have developed a proper process; now you need to monitor that process to ensure its stability through a run.

Film Extrusion

Extrusion: Modular Control System for Blown Film

System can be installed on new line or on a retrofit basis to improve quality and cut resin costs.

Injection Molding

Injection Molding: Tiny Cavity-Pressure Sensor Shrinks Further

Kistler’s ultra-compact sensor gets even smaller.

Injection Molding

Injection Molding: Making Melt Temperature A Useful Tool for Process Control

Portable, standalone data monitor replaces a laptop. Newest system uses melt thermal data to signal injection fill-to-pack switchover.


Auxiliaries: Full Suite of Products on Hand at K for Moretto

Drying, feeding, blending, cooling and conveying displays at K for Italian supplier of auxiliary equipment.

Hot Runners

Hot Runners: Multi-Tip Nozzle For Vertical Gating, Process Monitoring and LSR Cold Runner

At K 2019, Ewikon will unveil a new nozzle range for vertical multi gating, process monitoring tech and a cold runner for LSR molding.


To Succeed in Manufacturing, Focus on Your People First

It’s not easy being a custom injection molder in the NYC metro area. For Natech Plastics, the key is developing employees’ skills and commitment.

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